Automation of business processes with text-based AI

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In pollstr, we help companies leverage AI, Machine Learning and NLP in order to streamline and automate their internal processes that involve text.

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Pollstr is the most advanced tool for text analysis in Spanish, which is a market of over 700M people

Gabriel Charles

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Not even pollstr themselves believed it when they predicted Brexit by analyzing millions of tweets. The future lies in a bunch of tweets and pollstr's bot.

Fernando Redondo, CEO Synapsys Consulting

Where is pollstr useful?

Internal processes

We can help you automate processes that involve text analysis within your workflows. Examples of this are:

  • Obtaining the main topics and measuring the sentiment of your employees' responses to an open-ended question (Internal environment barometer).
  • Measuring the efficiency of your social media manager by analyzing their online interactions.
  • Routing incoming messages from clients to the corresponding specialist with an automated AI switchboard
  • Letting your employees book conference/meeting rooms or let the front desk know about guests with an internal chatbot via Telegram, Slack or Skype.
External processes

Any interaction with your customers that involves text can be improved by pollstr. Some examples are:

  • Creating a chatbot that answers FAQs in an intuitive manner using NLP and ML.
  • Analyzing thousands of customer opinions.
  • Understanding what your audience/target market are saying about you or the competition on Twitter.

How can pollstr help?

Depending on the stage of AI implementation in your company, pollstr can help you along the way. You can select the level of AI use in your company from the options below to see how pollstr can help you improve.

Our partners:

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Our team:

Picture of Julio Amador
Julio César Amador, CTO

Julio holds a PhD in economics from the University of Essex; his area of expertise is applied machine learning (ML). He has held different research positions, both in the UK and abroad, and is now a research associate at Imperial Business Analytics.

Picture of Luis Perez
Luis Manuel Pérez Varela, CDO

Luis is an Industrial Designer by the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM) turned web developer and entrepreneur. He co-founded and then sold his first startup,, and is now fully dedicated to pollstr.

Picture of Oscar Morales
Óscar Morales Torres, CEO

Oscar got an got an MBA degree from Hult International Business School in 2013. He met co-founder Julio Amador at ITESM in Mexico City and is now in charge of executing vision and strategy of the company (plus any other number of non-technical tasks inside pollstr).

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