Bots that improve over time through machine learning

Automating answers helps your free up time and reduce costs of your Customer Service tasks. It is also the major trend in the Customer Service industry worldwide. Regular bots help answer low complexity questions pre-programmed answers. pollstr’s bot has Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence built in which helps it learn over time, we do not need to program answers, it learns from the conversations that your team is having with the customers.

It is also the central piece to streamline your Customer Service pipeline. Deploy pollstr bot in your WebChat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, SMS, etc. and we’ll track down the conversations across platforms to Monitor, Automate and Predict.

  • doneReduce customer service calls
  • doneGet happier clients that find answers quickly
  • doneStreamline customer service pipeline
  • do_not_disturbWe do not just use pre-programmed FAQs
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